B259 Page Promoters Website 2023-2024

I will be updating this web page with Stats over the 2023-2024 of this joint project for & of the B259 Group Page Promoters.

Web visitors to B259 & Project-2023 counter stats

Bitcoin Bloggers
Date, Thursday 5th Jan 2023
Website link I think you should visit, it is about bitcoin blogging & page promoters.
Bitcoin Blogger & The Page Promoters

Get your share of our web visitors in 2023-2024.
Update Thu 29th Dec 2022 at 17.00 hours
I have updated this website for starting on 1st January 2023 when I will add main stat counter, there will be a demo page and guidelines.
I have a list of Page Promoters who can submit a small description & link, which can be to their website, the page will have a stats counter.
In 21-22 I attracted over 1 million web visitors & shared that out so in 23-24 I should do that or more.
I will teach via this site how to blog & promote, I will also reward pagers with bonus web visitors in my network for achieving certain objectives to be listed.



Main B259 Website
Main Website of the B259 series & subsites, created in 2022 as part of a web dance project which started in 2007 onward.
For entertainment and stuff. You can find me on facebook under 'poplock paul' if you want to join our group.